Classes with Michelle are unique, insightful and a journey of discovery.  She has a gift for simplifying yoga and breaking it down to be relevant and meaningful to you and life.    Michelle teaches in a way that you understand what is happening in your body, mind and emotions. She guides you to gently and intuitively explore the physical form of poses, meeting your body exactly where it is and allowing yourself to fall into the experience of feeling, gaining enormous trust in your body.  From there Michelle draws you beyond the form into the emotional and physiological purpose of the poses whilst connecting to your breath, gaining huge insight into yourself just as you are.  Michelle explains very simply how the yoga poses are working on your body, breath, mind and nervous system, how they interrelate and how to influence your sense of wellbeing.   She seamlessly weaves in themes, philosophy, life wisdom, anatomy and physiology to give you insight and is known to burst spontaneously into song or crack a joke to drive a point home.   She teaches in a gentle, authentic way that is designed to ensure you are connected on all levels of your physical, mental and emotional self to gain awareness, understanding, trust, acceptance and love of your self. Classes with Michelle leave you feeling content, relaxed, centered and totally at peace with yourself and the world around you.


Monday 9.15-10.15am – ‘Arise and Shine’

A wonderful stretch and move to get you ready for the day ahead.  A slow paced class to tune into the body and stretch it out slowly.  This class will focus on making some space in your joints including your spine and we work on moving intuitively.  You will leave feeling awake and vibrant, ready to tackle the day.

Monday 7-8.30pm – ‘I like to move it’ – Ashtanga

Ashtanga is a dynamic, breath focused, flowing series of postures to help you build strength and flexibility whilst gaining total relaxation and inner peace.  This class includes all elements of bending, twisting, extension, balance and inversion. This class moves quite swiftly, you will feel like you have worked hard but will feel totally relaxed at the same time.

Thursday 7-8.30pm ‘Moving into Stillness’

A very quiet, peaceful, slow class focused on tuning in, listening to your body and restoring your health and, is perfect for BEGINNERS.  A wonderfully restorative class using bolsters to give support. This class works to balance the body and stimulate the endocrine system and organs to restore harmony.  You will feel completely at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Saturday 8.30-10am ‘Flow and Let Go’ – Ashtanga

A steady flowing class to kick start your weekend.  Following the ashtanga sequence in a very relaxed, steady flow.  This class is designed to flow in a very organic way and work with yourself as you are in non competitive way.  This allows for deep insight, understanding and acceptance of self leaving you feeling totally at peace with yourself and the world around you.

All classes are held in the spacious Attadale Scout Hall @ 21A Lawlor Rd, Attadale