"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." The Bhagavad Gita

Michelle Green discovered yoga when a friend invited her along to a class and she was totally hooked
after experiencing immediate benefits of feeling better and much less stressed. She packed her bags for
India to complete teacher training so she could share this knowledge and incredible system with others.
Barefoot Yoga was founded subsequently in 2004 immediately upon her return.

Michelle has since taught thousands of yoga classes to kids in schools, public, corporate, private and, the
workshops, over sixteen years and brings a wealth of experience and dedication to every single class.
All of our classes are heart-centred and organic with an emphasis on creating a safe, nurturing
environment for students to delve deep within themselves on a journey of discovery, ultimately leading to
a deep, abiding sense of wellbeing.
Let your journey unfold.

I have always jokingly told Michelle she is not allowed to stop teaching yoga or leave Perth until after I have left this world. This is because it was Michelle who first introduced me to the amazing world of Ashtanga Yoga six years ago and who still inspires me every session. I cannot imagine doing yoga with any other teacher. Michelle is nurturing, caring, calm, down to earth, always positive and makes every person who attends her class, from the newbies to the more experienced, feel welcome and valued. Once you start yoga and feel the amazing benefits it brings to all aspects of your life you will never imagine a life without yoga. I started yoga when I reached my 30’s as a way to tone up but never expected how it would change my life in so many other ways. Yoga will always be a part of my life now just like breathing.
Laura, Fremantle

About Michelle

Michelle is a warm, kind, caring, generous soul.  Her natural enthusiasm and love of yoga shines through.  Her classes are taught with a generosity of spirit and she is very adept at creating a wonderfully warm, welcoming, safe space to allow students the opportunity to feel really comfortable to explore deeply within themselves. Michelle’s passion for teaching yoga is to assist people to realise a deep sense of contentment, understanding and acceptance of themselves – laying the foundation for wellbeing.

Following the birth of her three children, Michelle realised how significant the development of children’s social and emotional skills are and promptly completed Children Yoga Teacher Training.  She is deeply committed to the development and support of children in their emotional, social, physical and mental wellbeing.

Michelle is a certified, qualified, experienced yoga teacher including specialised Children’s Yoga and is a registered member with Yoga Australia.

I have been lucky enough to practise ashtanga yoga with Michelle for the past fourteen years. Yoga is a huge part of my life and I usually practise five times per week. Michelle is my absolute favourite teacher - she is incredibly skilled, experienced and intuitive. I learn something new from her in every class. For me, Michelle’s pregnancy yoga played a big role in being able to enjoy healthy pregnancies and natural births with my two children. Michelle creates a lovely atmosphere when she teaches, easily adapting her classes to accommodate beginners though to the very experienced. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough!
Toni, Fremantle