Yoga in Schools Program

Yoga in schools is a fun, dynamic and creative way to allow students in Primary and Secondary schools to develop the fundamentals of physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing.  We teach practical skills using the techniques of movement, mindfulness, breathing, relaxation, games and story telling to assist students to establish an understanding of their thoughts and feelings.  This valuable insight helps them better navigate their individual growth, social skills and academic success as they gain confidence and trust in themselves.  Yoga in schools provides students with life skills to assist them to have the awareness, knowledge, understanding, tools and confidence to be in charge of their own wellbeing and the confidence to reach their full potential.

Barefoot Yoga has been teaching yoga in Perth schools for over fifteen years.  Michelle has a warm, friendly and encouraging style that students absolutely love.  Michelle has a knack for letting students explore within themselves in a non judgemental, caring and fun way that inspires them to give things a go and appreciate themselves.  Classes are sometimes raucous and wild and sometimes quiet and peaceful in the spirit of guiding them to build inner strength and awareness.  We teach practical coping tools to help them navigate their way through school and life in a productive, harmonious way with the ability to manage their stress and anxiety.

Barefoot Yoga’s ‘Be Kind to Your Mind’ school program is a 8 week program giving students a weekly class over the course of one term but can be adapted to suit your schools requirements.

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Barefoot Yoga
Michelle Green


A one hour workshop dedicated to teaching specific and practical techniques using mindfulness, breathing, relaxation and meditation to assist students to be able to cope with the stress and anxiety that exams can present.  Students gain a full understanding of the physiological process of their brain and nervous system and the factors that influence these.  These tools provide the ability to calm, focus and relax which enables them to feel in control of their own wellbeing.  This workshop is for Year 11 and 12 students.


We come to your school and deliver mindfulness sessions focused on breathing and relaxation techniques.  These sessions are practical and ensure students gain awareness and understanding of the significance of mental health and how to cope with it. 


A one hour Development Day workshop which is designed to give practical skills to alleviate the effects of stress and anxiety that come in such a demanding environment.  This workshop is practical and informative and will inspire you to want to make a small change in your life to take care of your health and wellbeing.

A calm and inspiring yoga teacher, Michelle has implemented a program that is highly valued by parents and is a positive contributor to our school planning and interventions around student wellbeing. Barefoot Yoga has helped our students develop mental awareness by developing social and emotional awareness.
Deputy Principal, Primary School
We have had the pleasure of Michelle teaching yoga to our students for the last eleven years. The breathing exercises to help calm their bodies and minds are a wonderful teaching tool to continue. We always look forward to our yoga classes each year.
Pre-Primary Teacher, Primary School