Yoga in the workplace is a cost effective and time efficient solution to promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing. Practicing yoga in the workplace assists with reducing anxiety, stress and tension, promotes a cohesive working environment, increases energy, improves concentration, alleviates occupational aches and pains.

Barefoot Yoga specialises in yoga, mindfulness and relaxation and understands that an organisations wellbeing plan is a great investment in employees health and satisfaction, contributing to increased productivity, morale and a happier work environment.

Employer Contributed Services
Our corporate services can be tailored specifically to your organisations needs and can be delivered either as an ongoing class or workshop at a conference or team building day.

weekly group yoga classes

mindfulness and relaxation workshop

stress relief and anxiety workshop

occupational movement workshop

Employee Contributed

Weekly Group Yoga Class

Barefoot Yoga comes to you! Create your own weekly group yoga class at your workplace.  Organise a group of like-minded colleagues, find a space in your workplace and share the cost of yoga coming to you during your lunch break.  This is a cost efficient and time effective way to care for your own health and wellbeing.

I discovered Barefoot Yoga through a ‘yoga at work’ class. Michelle offered a free try-before-you-buy class and I’ve been hooked ever since. Michelle is a warm, nurturing and intuitive yoga teacher. I really enjoy her down-to-earth approach to yoga. Michelle tailors each class to suit the participants, adapting poses, theme and timing to suit our work environment. I find it’s the perfect way to press ‘pause’ on my busy work-day and to stretch after hours at a desk. Michelle encourages us to listen to our bodies and modify each pose for injury or pain. I feel very comfortable in Michelle’s classes knowing that I’m not judged for my physical limitations, and can set my own challenges. Michelle weaves mindfulness throughout each class, encouraging us to use our breath and poses (asanas) as a way to focus inwards as I often arrive with my mind busy with work. We always finish with relaxation which leaves me feeling calm and refreshed. My afternoon in the office is always more productive after a Barefoot Yoga class.
Gill, Perth City